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Pain is important. The brain creates pain to avoid percieved threat, and danger. The brain produces pain in response to grabbing a hot pan. The pain informs and motivates a change in behavior. Put the pan down, quickly. If you are currently in experiencing pain, your body is trying to tell you something. Do something different!

Patients commonly associate pain directly with tissue damage. Tissues are damged, and we feel pain. As tissues heal, the pain diminishes. This is called acute pain. Some pain does not go away. Instead it can last months or years. This is called persistent or chronic pain. This process is complex with many contributing factors. Common factors include tissue health, nutrition, activity-level, stress, and nervous system sensitisation.

New science brings hope. It illustrates the brain is plastic and always changing. And if the brain can change, the pain can change. Life is too short to be in pain or not perform your best. If you are experiencing pain, don’t wait; take action. Whether an acute injury or persitent conditon, a comprehensive active-care strategy including chiropractic, active release technique (ART), physiotherapy, and education will help manage the factors that contribute to pain states.

"Prevention, intervention, and recovery are important components of improving the functional capacity of oneself."
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